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The Museo portfolio brings you an award-winning selection of inkjet coated rag papers that feel and exude luxury. Every time you open a box or roll of one of our Museo Rag products, you are accessing over 200 years of image quality innovation that will enhance your art and provide you the results you have been looking for.

Museo Fine Art papers are crafted to meet the highest of standards for long-term life and gallery use. Each of our award-winning paper offers a breathtaking level of attention to detail that will let you achieve the color depth, density, gamut and tonal range that you seek.


Photographers and Fine Artists use Museo Fine Art

We choose MUSEO because the paper and cards, simply put, have a certain majesty to them. The card stock feels important in hand, which impresses clients. They have a watercolor texture and a warmth that adds to their beauty. Additionally, enlargements look like works of art, the depth, detail and texture combine together like no other paper we’ve used.

I use Museo papers exclusively in the production of the artwork for exhibition and display. I have used the Silver Rag, the Portfolio Rag and the Artist Cards for both my work and those of my wife, who is also a fine artist. She is an exhibiting watercolour painter. I have printed in both black and white and colour and have found the Museo papers perfect for my requirements.

I am a fine art landscape photographer from a small village in Switzerland where I live together with my family. The images should not be left alone on the hard disk. The coronation is a print of a photo. For my fine art prints, I use the brilliant Museo Portfolio Rag paper. This paper reflects the unique plasticity and color depth. I love it!

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